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Introduction to manual accessories.

List of accessories

Introduction to manual and electric winch accessories.
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Cloth Sheet Covers

This is an accessory that covers a manual winch to protect it from an outdoor environment and direct exposure to wind and rain or to reduce occurrence of rust and dust contamination for longer product life.

Mounting Bracket for Columns

This is an accessory that can attach a manual winch to a column when you want to install a hand winch on concrete columns, etc.

Stopper Protection Cover

This is an accessory that makes it impossible to release the brake of a manual winch, in the same way as the built-in stopper type (SI) winch.

Wireless Operation Type Switch Box for Electric Winches: Model RC-BOX

This is an option for customers who “want to make the purchased electric winch wireless” later.
● Equipped with a transmitter that can be operated from a distance of 30m when there are no obstacles.
● We can offer a demo machine “wireless connection confirmation device” for confirming whether a wireless transmitter is suitable for customer’s usage environment.


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