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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

MAXPULL MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (hereafter, “the company”) promises utmost respect of privacy of all users of this website.
In order to protect your right to privacy, the privacy policy in the website of the company is defined as shown below to handle your personal information with the utmost care based on it.

1. Website of the company to which privacy policy is applied

The privacy policy is applied to all websites within the following domains possessed by the company.

2. Scope of your personal information

information that can identify you personally such as name, address, TEL number, e-mail address, other information requested as necessary shall be included with the target. (Hereafter, “personal information”)

3. Purpose of use and collection method of personal information

The company shall collect your personal information for purposes of use specified when requesting information provision or following purposes of use. Your information is provided through inquiry form, e-mail, phone, or written document, etc. for the purpose of responding to various inquiries and improving services.

4. Provision of personal information to third parties

The company shall properly manage your personal information and does not disclose or provide to third parties excluding the following cases.
・When getting your content
・When handing of personal information is entrusted to affiliate company or subcontractor to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use (when shipment of requested materials or shipment of purchased materials are entrusted to a carrier, for example)
・When the information is used as statistical data in a state where it is impossible to identify each individual
・When the personal information is requested based on laws and regulations, etc.

5. Linked other websites

The company does not accept any responsibility on the protection of your personal information in other websites linked to the website of the company.

6. Change of content

The content of this document may be changed without notice. For the content of change in such a case shall be applied from the time of indication by the company.

Website policy

1. Disclaimer

The company is posting information on the company’s website with the utmost care and attention, however, does not ensure accuracy and completeness of this information.
The company may change the information posted on the company’s website without notice.
The company and the company’s group companies do not accept any responsibility on direct or indirect loss that is caused by a customer using information or content included with the company’s website.

2.Copyright / trademark

For texts, illustration, logos, videos, software, and all other information posted on the company’s website, the company or third parties possess the copyright.
These information cannot be used (including duplication, modification, distribution, public transmission, etc.) without the prior permission of the copyright holder except for cases permitted by copyright law such as personal use.
In addition, the company’s logo and various trademarks , etc. cannot be used for website or printed materials, etc. of third parties (regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation) regardless of the purpose or the length of the period without permission of the company.

3. Governing law / court of competent jurisdiction

The use of the company’s website shall comply with the laws of Japan unless otherwise specified.
Customers who access and use this website are deemed to do so of their own free will and in doing so to have accepted full responsibility for the results of their use of the company’s website.
For all disputes relating to the use of the company’s website, The Chiba District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court for the first instance unless otherwise specified.

4. Links

The company’s website can be linked regardless of profit and non-profit if you carefully read and agree to “disclaimer and link setting conditions” shown below and follow the “how to set up a link” shown below.

(1) In the unlikely event that a trouble or compensation for damages occurs due to linking, the company and the company’s group companies do not accept any responsibility.

(2) Information and URL of the company’s website do not guarantee permanent maintenance. They may be changed without notice.

(3) Links from the following websites are strictly prohibited.
・Websites with content that slanders or slanders the company or the company’s group companies, and their officers or employees
・Websites with content that slanders or slanders products and services of the company or the company’s group companies
・Websites that provide illegal or potentially illegal information
・Websites that provide obscene information or information that may violate social ethics

・Websites that do not clarify the company’s website such as a form embedding the company’s website in your website, for example

(4) If it is found that any of the above in (3) applies or the company requests deletion of link, you have to follow this.

Websites shall be linked only to top page (https://www.maxpull.co.jp/english/) of the company’s website.
If you want to link a website to other page, clarify URL of the desirable page and URL of your website to be linked, and then contact us through “inquiry form”.。

5. Acquisition of access log

The company’s website uses Google Analytics to comprehend the website usage and Google Analytics collects access log using cookies.
Although the access log contains the information such as pages visited by customers, time on page, trends in pagination transitions, access date and time, and browser / OS, however, it does not contain personally identifiable information.
The access log is used for statistical analysis of access trends and improvement of convenience of other websites and not used for other purposes.
When you browse or use the company’s website, you are deemed to agree to collecting and using your cookie information by the company.
Consequently, if you do not agree to it, please disable cookies or please refrain from using the company’s website.
When you use the company’s website after disabling cookies, please note that you may not be able to sufficiently use the services on the company’s website.

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