Winches that meet customer needs are active in various places and scenes.

Since our founding in 1977, MAXPULL MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. has pursued performance, safety, durability, and compactness as a winch manufacturing specialist.
Please feel free to contact us with any requests or inquiries regarding winches.
  • Product lineup

    Product lineup

    Introducing various electric winches / manual winches / stainless steel winches / golf course winches / special custom winches.

    * MAXPULL WINCH is also used for Antarctic research.

  • Support information

    Support information

    Providing product warranty system / model selection sheet / technical data / FAQ information.

    * MAXPULL WINCH is also used for wind power generation.

  • Service guide

    Service guide

    Introducing guidance of purchase registration / download CAD data / hand winch instruction manuals / product catalogs.

    * MAXPULL WINCH is used in many rivers, ports and ships.

Self-made objects, 3D – the future you can touch.

How to operate iCAD 3D Browser
(Experience the 3D data of the product. You can also check the cut plane of the internal structure by clicking [Internal display] button.)

■ Mouse operation

Scaling (zoom)
Rotate the wheel to zoom in and rotate it forward to zoom out.
Move display position (panning)
Hold the wheel and move the mouse cursor to move the display position.
Hold the left mouse button and move the mouse cursor to rotate the display.

■ Touch panel operation

Scaling (zoom)
Spread your fingers while touching the screen with two fingers to zoom an image and pinch your fingers together to un-zoom.
Move display position (panning)
Touch the screen with one finger and move it to move the display position.
Touch and move two fingers on the screen to rotate the image.
3D CAD data (STEP) Download HERE

Video of company history and products of MAXPULL MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. with a video.

World-class 7 samurai of MAXPULL WINCH

Introduction of “7 technologies” that pursues performance, safety, durability, and compactness of electric / manual winches. Please check them out.

History and new products of a passionate company “MAXPULL MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD.”

Since our founding, MAXPULL MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. has been on the path of a specialist manufacturer that handles only winches. This introduces various new products that are the culmination of our passion and technology through videos.

Introduction of the product lineup.


What's new2024/01/28Maxpull’s English website has been completely redesigned!

We are pleased to announce that the English-language website
( was launched on 28 January 2024.

The English website offers the same services and detailed information as the
Japanese website.
The English website also provides CAD data for winches free of charge.
You can easily download 2D and 3D CAD data from your internet browser
without registration.
You can select the product and information you need from an extensive
database organised by Product lineup (product introduction), Support
information (technical data) and Service guide (data download).
There is also content where you can learn about use cases and discover how
to use the products.
You can download catalogues and instruction manuals in English free of
charge, register products and make enquiries on the site.
Using the Google Translate function, the site is available in all the
world’s languages.
The English-language website has been set up to introduce Maxpull’s products
and services to customers all over the world.
More information will be added to the site in the future.

Please click on [English] in the top right-hand corner of the page to visit
the English website.

What's new2023/05/30Introducing 3D CAD data (STEP) to the website.

Introducing 3D CAD data (STEP) to the website.

Reflecting needs from users to the website


What's new2022/10/06“BMW single-phase 100V series” renewal new release

“Revived through research and development!” an electric winch that can be used with 100V power supply

“BMW single-phase 100V series” renewal new release


What's new2021/10/13MAXPULL’s “electropolishing” has improved!

“Sophisticated surface treatment” improves optimization for clean room

MAXPULL’s “electropolishing” has improved!

What's new2018/02/09Maxpull winch was adopted for the ski jump platform at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics!

Stretch windbreak nets protecting athletes who are “challenging the extreme cold and strong winds of Pyeongchang”.

MAXPULL WINCHES used at the Nagano Olympics