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  3. “BMW single-phase 100V series” renewal new release

“BMW single-phase 100V series” renewal new release

“BMW single-phase 100V series” renewal new release


“Revived through research and development!” an electric winch that can be used with 100V power supply

“BMW single-phase 100V series” renewal new release

BMW single-phase 100V series disappeared once due to the discontinuation of the motor, however, we continued our research and develop in order to respond to the voices of wishes from customers and brought back the product.
Sales of MAXPULL electric winch “BMW single-phase 100V series” starts

“Newly added functions”
■ Continuous operation time was improved
Cooling by installing a motor fan enabled time rated 30-minute operation.

●The heat of the motor is released by blowing air from the motor fan.
●The motor is less likely to be damaged by heat.

■ Equipped with manual brake release mechanism
Even if an electric winch does not operate in emergencies such as power outages, loads can be lowered to a safe location using the manual brake release lever.

●The brake is released when the manual brake release lever is pulled.

■ Existing equipment is as is
The winch can be easily operated by just connecting a grounded plug to single-phase 100V power supply and pressing “UP” and “DOWN” buttons of 2-point push button switch.

●2-point hand push button switch type
●Equipped with a grounded plug

BMW single-phase 100V series

BMW dog clutch type single-phase 100V series

This is an electric winch with a parallel motor and drum. Carefully designed reduction gear can obtain strong and stable traction. This winch is superior in dust and rust resistance, and rainy conditions.


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