Electric winch MAW-1100 for deep ice coring system

Global environmental preservation activities and research for resource development are being carried out in Antarctica. Advanced global technologies are assembling there and it competes for the results to bright future. Winch is indispensable anywhere and in any work. Maxpull's electric winch manufactured to special specifications are working effectively in Antarctica.

This is a special winch for deep ice coring system" that excavates to the depth of 3,500 meters in the ice in Antarctica. Transportation to the research expedition has been halted for a year until the next replacement arrives. The winches used there must continue to provide stable performance and durability under unimaginably cold temperatures and strong winds to support the work of the expedition members. Our winches have been used continuously in the region over the years and have contributed to the smooth execution of the project. These contributions have been made possible by the creative ideas, elaborate design, carefully selected materials and belief in the technology. Various models of Maxpull electric winches that have been manufactured based on our broad experience and highlevel technology are favored in various fields for their efficiency to the lifting load, excellent cost performance and efficiency of various works.

Please contact us not only for standard products but also winches to manufactured to special specifications to meet the needs of different scene. Our winch used in Antarctica is one of such products.

Photo: "Electric winch MAW-1100 for deep ice coring system" used by the 36th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition.


We received a great deal of advice and assistance for our excavating test that was carried out using the snow ice surface layer mechanical drill and the development of the deep ice core drill system. We received very valuable advice from professor Yoshio Suzuki of the Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University regarding conceptual design and testing of ice core drill for liquid-filled holes. We learned the basics about cutting theory from assistant professor Katsumi Sakakida of the Department of Mining at Akita University.

Theoretical consideration presented here are based on the concept created by assistant professor Katsumi Sakakida. The member of Maxpull energetically engaged in manufacture of the surface layer mechanical drill and winches, and performed outdoor tests before lab tests. I appreciate their efforts and cooperation.

Professor Yoshiyuki Fujii, Department of Snow and Ice, National Institute of Polar Research
Photo: "Shallow ice coring system" for the 29th and 30th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition

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