Winch for raising and lowering/GME series Electric winch/BMW series Electric winch/GMT series
Dual direction pulling winch/EME series Manual winch/GM, MR, MC series Manual winch/SB, ESB, ST series

Electric winch/BMW series * An industrial winch for lifting and lowering heavy loads

BMW single-phase 100V series
BMW three-phase 200V series
winch BMW * It is able to wind and unwind a wire rope easily because the clutch is attached.

BMW single-phase 100V dog clutch series
BMW three-phase 200V dog clutch series
BMW * It demonstrates the power to dual direction pulling work.
(The tension is required to the wire rope on the pulling side.)

BMW single-phase 100V capstan series
BMW three-phase 200V capstan series BMW_ED
EME * An endless winch for dual direction pulling

EME series
Examples of using EME winch.
GME series * For raising and lowering nets at golf driving ranges

GME series
GMT series * For raising and lowering a radio tower

GMT series
GM, MR, MC series * Outstanding durability and workability

GM series rotating winch (handle can rotate a full 360 degrees)
MR series ratchet winch (equip with a ratchet handle)
MC series capstan winch

Mini Maxpull winch * Industrial winch and mini winch

Large manual winch for industrial use
Mini Maxpull winch

winch plated with molten zinc * Strong resistance against salt and rust

Rotating winch equipped with a galvanized (zinc hot dip galvanizings)
ESB series * "Rust-prevention brightly" suited to harsh environments

Made of stainless steel rotating winch (electropolishing)
Made of stainless steel ratchet winch (electropolishing)
Made of stainless steel rotating winch (buffing)
Made of stainless steel ratchet winch (buffing)
Made of stainless steel rotating winch (metallic painting)
Made of stainless steel ratchet winch (metallic painting)

Custom made winches * Various custom-made products

Special winches (custom-made products) Electric winch and manual winch
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